Senior Seminar

NEW Module 4: Preparing for College and the Workforce

Help prepare your students for the opportunities and challenges of life after high school. These engaging, interactive lessons start with students envisioning their long-term life goals then mapping an attainable course to reach those goals. They learn how to create dynamic college applications, build social emotional learning (SEL) skills for handling academic pressure, develop employability skills, and practice smart decision-making for independent living.

Many 11th and 12th grade students are under tremendous pressure to meet deadlines and expectations. Module 4 provides step-by-step college and job application guidelines while also helping students learn to self-motivate and move forward, avoid over-stressing, manage anxiety through mindfulness techniques, and build skills for mental health and well-being.

Module 4

Preparing for College and the Workforce makes planning and preparation easy for teachers, students, and their parents.

20 PowerPoint-based Lessons for:

  • Navigating College Applications & Essays
  • Alleviating Stress and Anxiety
  • Interviewing Effectively
  • Providing Customer Service
  • Practicing Teamwork
  • Understanding Financial Literacy
  • Preparing for Independent Living

Module 4 Table of Contents


  • 4.1: Thinking Ahead About Life After High School
  • 4.2: Charting Your Future
  • 4.3: Motivating Yourself & Moving Forward
  • 4.4: Navigating College Applications
  • 4.5: Writing Your College Essays
  • 4.6: Rethinking Stress
  • 4.7: Understanding Mindfulness
  • 4.8: Skill Building for Mental Health & Well-Being


  • 4.9: Writing a Resume
  • 4.10: Interviewing Effectively
  • 4:.11: Developing a Work Ethic
  • 4.12: Practicing Teamwork
  • 4.13: Providing Customer Service
  • 4.14: Problem Solving in the Workplace
  • 4.15: Responding to Feedback
  • 4.16: Negotiating an Agreement


  • 4:17: Building a Budget
  • 4:18: Understanding Financial Literacy
  • 4:19: Living on Your Own & with Roommates
  • 4:20: Choosing Wisely
  • Culminating Project: Transitioning Successfully