Teacher & Student Surveys

Surveys are an important tool for conducting a needs assessment and monitoring targeted outcomes for social, emotional, and academic skill-development. These free surveys are designed to help your school staff monitor student and teacher satisfaction and skill development.

See the Evaluation Toolkit for more information about when and how to use these surveys. If you have any questions about survey use, please e-mail Julea Douglass (jdouglass@school-connect.net) for additional information.

Survey Survey Purpose
School-Connect Needs Assessment for Staff Designed to be a pre-intervention assessment of overall school climate and students' SEL skills.
School-Connect Needs Assessment for Students Designed for students as a pre-intervention assessment of overall school climate and SEL skill indicators.
School-Connect Lesson Observation Form Designed to use during or after a classroom observation to assess implementation strengths and weaknesses
School-Connect Teacher Reflection Form Designed to help School-Connect teachers create implementation goals for themselves and reflect on their class impact
School-Connect Teacher Satisfaction Survey Designed to measure teachers' satisfaction with the School-Connect program and their assessment of student progress and skill development
School-Connect Student Satisfaction Survey Designed to take the pulse of the student community and find out how they view the School-Connect lessons and class and if they apply lesson strategies in real life
School-Connect Student Skills Assessment Survey

A brief 28-item self-assessment survey designed to measure social, emotional and academic skills embedded within the School-Connect lessons

NOTE: Student pre-post social emotional learning (SEL) self-assessments are not always a reliable measure of improvement. Some high school students do not like taking the same survey twice, and/or as students learn more about these skills, they can tend to rate themselves lower because they recognize room for improvement. This survey may be better for comparing students who have finished the School-Connect lessons to students in another class or school who have not had the School-Connect lessons.

Student Survey Results

What have you learned from this class?

  • “How to apologize”
  • “How to manage emotions”
  • “Study habits”
  • “I've learned that failure is a key to success”
  • “I have learned how to manage time”
  • “How to fight off victimitis”
  • “I have learned how to see the perspective of others”
  • “Relationship skills”
  • “Relationship management”
  • “How not to cause more conflict”
  • “How to disagree without being disagreeable”
  • “How to create a good first impression”
  • “I learned how to organize the classes in the planner”
  • “To have a growth, not fixed, mindset”
  • “The power of thought”
  • “I have learned how to make a real apology”
  • “Pop culture's 'beauty' is not true beauty”
  • “Eye contact”
  • “I've learned to push myself to the goals I want for myself”