Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Special Education

School-Connect’s focus on social and emotional skill building is a natural fit for students with special needs, particularly for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Teachers working with special needs students report they use most of the lessons with few or no modifications but that the lessons may take longer than 45 minutes. Special education teachers may need to break down some of the concepts and activities, using more tangible vocabulary and examples. With the right pacing, special education students connect with the subject matter and gain confidence in managing their emotions, improving social skills, and building meaningful relationships.

Additionally, School-Connect lessons help students develop crucial organizational skills and academic attitudes that make school more manageable and enjoyable. Many students struggle to organize their time and assignments, but the study skills lessons of Module 1 and Module 2 lay the foundation for students to develop important study habits and attitudes that support learning and school success.

To help prepare students for employment and life after high school, School-Connect’s new Module 4: Preparing for College and the Workforce provides practice in applying for a job, using effective customer service, problem-solving in the workplace, and ultimately independent living.

What Teachers are Saying...

“You have those ‘tough’ kids in class and you ask them to ‘be calm,’ ‘be respectful,’ ‘be invested in their education’ but you’ve never taught them what that actually means – that’s what SEL does.”

— Will Harper, English and Special Education Teacher, Washoe CSD, Reno, NV

What Parents are Saying...

“My son was in the MAPS (freshman seminar) class and I believe that it was one of his best classes.As I parent with multiple students on the spectrum I can't emphasize enough how importantly is to build strong social skills. As the kids develop into students and become aware that they have a different learning style than that of their peers the challenge begins. These students need and want to belong and the MAPS class also creates that path so that the students can pioneer and persevere.I would like to offer my support and vote to promote this class to all students in a high school setting.”

— Parent/Advocate for students on the spectrum