School-Connect Digital Solution

Meeting the online learning and social emotional learning (SEL) needs of students and staff

School-Connect has your S-C Digital Solution—EQ @ Home or School. Designed for remote, in-person, or hybrid SEL instruction, our new 35-lesson series provides essential strategies for supporting the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students - and preparing them for brighter, successful futures.

Every Lesson Includes:

  • Video-based instruction on key SEL concepts
  • Slideshow presentations with embedded videos and activities
  • Asynchronous research/evidence-based SEL lessons and student handouts
  • Collaborative check-in activities and PBLs
  • Writable PDFs compatible with most learning management systems
  • Google Classroom and Canvas Shell compatible
  • Spanish translations for all student handouts
  • Family discussions and activities

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Table of Contents

Returning to Learning with Trauma-Informed Supports

  • 1.1: Getting to Know You
  • 1.2: Checking In with Ourselves and Others
  • 1.3: Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

  • 2.1: Agreeing on Common Goals
  • 2.2: Tuning in to Others
  • 2.3: Practicing Active Listening
  • 2.4: Utilizing Collaboration Skills
  • 2.5: Culminating Project

Studying Effectively Remotely or at School

  • 3.1: Making the Most of Your Time
  • 3.2: From Procrastinating to Productive
  • 3.3: Studying Smarter
  • 3.4: Preparing for Tests

Managing Stress Before It Manages You

  • 4.1: Understanding the Cause and Effects of Stress
  • 4.2: Gaining Mastery Over Stressors
  • 4.3: Analyzing Emotional Management Strategies
  • 4.4: Applying Emotional Management Strategies
  • 4.5: Incorporating Mindfulness

Bouncing Back from Challenges

  • 5.1: Bouncing Rather Than Breaking
  • 5.2: Understanding Grief and Loss
  • 5.3: Recognizing Healthy and Unhealthy Levels of Emotions
  • 5.4: Tending and Befriending

Building an Empathetic and Inclusive Community

  • 6.1: Understanding Empathy for Others
  • 6.2: Appreciating Diversity
  • 6.3: Standing Up for Others
  • 6.4: Skill-building for Challenging Conversations
  • 6.5: Apologizing and Forgiving

Navigating Relationships in Tight Quarters

  • 7.1: Understanding Group Dynamics
  • 7.2: Making Relationship Deposits
  • 7.3: Building a Family Social Contract
  • 7.4: Solving Problems and Boosting Relationships
  • 7.5: Using Your Resiliency Skills

Making Plans for Your Future

  • 8.1: Envisioning Your Future
  • 8.2: Setting and Achieving Life Goals
  • 8.3: Taking Full Responsibility
  • 8.4: Staying the Course and Choosing Wisely